Data and Statistical Analysis Working Group (STAT)

Mission Statement

 The Data and Statistics Working Group supports the mission of the JETSCAPE collaboration by
  • selecting and curating experimental data for comparison with the  JET-patch and Jetscape codes and their use in the statistical analysis
  • determining which observables to perform the model-to-data comparison on
  • developing the workflow/procedure  how to calculate the observables from the JET-patch and Jetscape codes in such a way that they can be compared to experimental data
  • developing a framework for training Gaussian Process Emulators on selected observables for the output of the JET-patch and Jetscape codes
  • performing Gaussian Process Emulator training for each version of these codes that is being compared to data
  • developing a package for distribution of trained emulators to go along with the respective releases of the Jetscape code
  • developing the framework for the model-to-data analysis, including emulators, PCA, and MCMC and develop/provide a respective code package
  • performing the model to data analysis to test physics models and interpret the resulting posterior distributions for each version/implementation of the Jetscape code
  • developing a set of tools for the evaluation of the performance of different physics models (i.e. tunes of the Jetscape code) regarding experimental data
  • assisting the collaboration with gaining physics insights from the outcome of the statistical analysis

Group Members


Peter Jacobs (LBNL)

Raymond Ehlers (Berkeley)


Abhijit Majumder (WSU)

Steffen Bass (Duke)

Chun Shen (WSU)

Ulrich Heinz (OSU)

Peter Jacobs (LBNL)

Rainer Fries (TAMU)

Robert Wolpert (Duke)

Gunther Roland (MIT)

Christine Nattrass (Tennessee)

Ron Soltz (LLNL)


Students and Postdocs:

Yi Chen (MIT)

Daniel Pablos (McGill)

Lipei Du (OSU)

Gojko Vujanovic (WSU)

Jake Coleman (Duke)

James Mulligan (Berkeley)

Jean-Francois Paquet (Duke)

Tianyu Dai (Duke)

Wenkai Fan (Duke)

Weiyao Ke (Duke)

Yingru Xu (Duke)

Zhidong Yang (TAMU)

Mike McNelis (OSU)