Software Design Working Group (COMP)

Mission Statement:

The role of the software design (COMP) working group is to support the development and use of the JETSCAPE event generator, which contains two frameworks, JETSCAPE and X-SCAPE, and a collection of module codes, to simulate the evolution of a droplet of quark gluon plasma (QGP) formed in a heavy-ion collision and the dynamical energy loss of energetic parton showers when they traverse through the expanding QGP. Duties of the COMP group include supporting the software needs of the other working groups and users both within and outside of the JETSCAPE Collaboration. The COMP group is also responsible for providing software and logistical support for the JETSCAPE schools.

Flowchart for the Jetscape Framework

Flowchart for the X-Scape Framework

Flowchart of the X-Scape Framework showing the interactions and relationship among software modules.

Group Members:


Matthew Kelsey (WSU)

Loren Schwiebert (WSU)

Hannah Elfner (Frankfurt)

Rainer Fries (TAMU)

Abhijit Majumder (WSU)

Joern Putschke (WSU)

Loren Schwiebert (WSU)

Chun Shen (WSU)

Postdoc Fellows:
Raymond Ehlers (ORNL)

Matthew Kelsey (WSU)

Amit Kumar (McGill)

James Mulligan (UCB)

Chanwook Park (WSU)

Graduate Students:

Joseph Latessa (WSU)

Haydar Mehryar (WSU)

Jan Staudenmaier (Frankfurt)


Ritu Arora (UT Austin)