Collaborate with JETSCAPE

Members of the community are welcome to participate in the activities of JETSCAPE as Associate Members of the Collaboration. Anyone who works with or on the JETSCAPE Framework may become an Associate. Associate Membership is obtained by contacting the JETSCAPE Spokesperson. A letter conveying the intention to collaborate on official letterhead is required (student and postdoctoral collaborators will need a letter from their supervisor). Depending on the amount of contributed effort, associate members may become eligible to give invited JETSCAPE talks on research they have contributed to, and may qualify as co-authors on the corresponding JETSCAPE publications.


Associate Members are also welcome to apply for full membership in the JETSCAPE Collaboration. Membership in the Collaboration is contingent upon the receipt of NSF funding directed towards JETSCAPE activities (beyond REU supplements). Applicants for collaboration membership should develop a Membership Proposal that expands the current scope of JETSCAPE activities. If this Proposal is approved by the JETSCAPE Council, the JETSCAPE Spokesperson (or designated representative) will work with the applicant to develop a supplemental funding proposal to the NSF.